In 2005, Elton Lammie had no idea what Opera music was!!  He was keenly aware of what Opry (country) music was, but certainly there had never  been exposure to Classical or Opera music.  Then one day, Elton viewed a TV commercial advertising a talent competition looking for Canada's Next Opera Star, like "Idol for Opera Singers".

Elton entered the competition, not having a clue what real opera music was.  But in the words of a renowned Opera Star,"Elton is an Opera prodigy and he doesn't even know it!"  Elton ended up winning the Opera talent search on Bravo TV's So You Want To Be An Opera Star, Bathroom Diva's.

Since the victory, Elton has had the opportunity and privilege to perform Opera with numerous symphonies and orchestras in Canada and Internationally. Here is a clip of Elton singing E lucevan le stelle  If you would like to attend an Opera concert please visit the Where's Elton Playing page.