Elton Lammie hails from the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  He has made quite a name for himself as a country music singer over the years and in recent years has also generated great interest in his talents as an operatic tenor.  As a country singer, Elton has won dozens of talent competitions in Canada and the USA.  He has extensive Radio and TV credits as a performer.  If that wasn't enough, Elton struck out in 2006 as a legit Opera Tenor!  by winning a televised reality show looking for Canada's next Opera Star.  He has taken his music all over Canada and the USA and even to other countries including Japan and Italy.  A multi instrumentalist, Elton also is occasionally hired in shows for his skills as a Drummer, Bass player, and Guitarist.  Elton works full time in his career as a singer and musician.  You will find him working as a solo act, as part of a duo or trio and of course in his full band. Elton also has worked as a lead in stage opera or as a soloist with an orchestra.

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Check out what some are saying about Elton............

Elton Lammie is a “one of a kind entertainer”, with as strong a voice as you will hear in the industry.
Do you want to hear “Country”, Elton will sing it for you.  Do you want to hear “Opera”, Elton
will sing it for you.  Do you want to hear some “Blues”, or some “Soul” or anything else, Elton will
sing it for you, he has that kind of range and inventory of songs in his mind.  You will be astonished as to the
number of songs Elton knows.
The best thing about Elton is when he sings a song he sings it very well, you will find yourself tapping
your foot and singing along with him.  That I believe is what makes a great entertainer.  You just want to hear him over
and over again.
-Len Dowsett 

I have hired Elton Lammie on numerous occasions at different venues and he has never disappointed. He demonstrates a great rapport with the audience and his musical and vocal ability are second to none. He makes the effort to connect to the audience on a personal level and they walk away feeling as if he was singing to them alone.

-Bryan Caldwell

“There is another act Elton Lammie who I have been booking on and off with various events for the last few years. It is an interesting story... he started in country... played in a bunch of different shows, including a run as a tribute show as Roy Orbison....

.. He saw an open call for the BRAVO TV reality series looking for Canada’s next opera star....although he had never studied or even performed opera...he won! He since has had countless sold out shows as an opera and country singer.

We have done him twice on the Illuminaqua stage and both times the feedback was strong.
All I can offer is I had him singing dinner music at a high end gala dinner with 700 people. 90%

of the time people at these dinners don’t even listen or notice the performers. He closed with an opera piece and silenced the audience in the process. He got a standing ovation. “

Dave Rapelje TNR Productions